Wednesday, June 19, 2024

PM Modi Asks People to Drop ‘Modi Ka Parivaar’ from Social Media Handles – N.F Times

New Delhi: Expressing gratefulness towards the people of India for their staunch support throughout the Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday requested people to now remove ‘Modi Ka Parivar’ from their social media handles.

In a post on social media X, the PM wrote, “Through the election campaign, people across India added ‘Modi Ka Parivar’ to their social media as a mark of affection towards me. I derived a lot of strength from it. The people of India have given the NDA a majority for the third consecutive time, a record of sorts, and have given us the mandate to keep working for the betterment of our nation. “

“With the message of all of us being one family having been effectively conveyed, I would once again thank the people of India and request that you may now remove ‘Modi Ka Parivar’ from your social media properties. The display name may change, but our bond as one Parivar striving for India’s progress remains strong and unbroken”, the PM added.

Earlier this year, Lalu Prasad Yadav commented at a rally that the Prime Minister “does not have a family of his own”, to which PM Modi introduced the phrase “Modi Ka Parivar” addressing a public meeting in Adilabad, Telangana. PM Modi expressed that the “whole country is collectively voicing, ‘main hu Modi ka Parivar’ (I am Modi’s family)”.

Following the Prime Minister’s declaration, numerous individuals nationwide, including prominent BJP leaders like Union Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP president JP Nadda, incorporated the ‘Modi ka Parivar’ slogan into their X handles.

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