Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Malaria, Dengue Spreading Tentacles in Odisha’s Kalahandi! – N.F Times

Bhawanipatna: The outbreak of malaria and dengue is on the rise at an alarming rate in both urban and rural areas of Kalahandi district. In the last 6 months, about eight cases of dengue and 2049 cases of malaria have been detected in the tribal-dominated district of Odisha.

While the government officially confirmed 8 dengue-positive cases, some dengue patients are undergoing treatment in private hospitals and clinics. Mostly, migrant labourers who have returned from other states have been infected with dengue.

In 2019, about 6,012 people were infected with malaria, while in 2020- 10,577, in 2021- 5,664, in 2022- 3,841, and in 2023- 7,543 people were infected with malaria. In these 5 years, there were no deaths due to malaria. In the last 6 months, 2,049 people were diagnosed with malaria positive, while 8 people were diagnosed with dengue, as per sources in the related department.

People residing in the towns areas of Bhawanipatna, Kesinga, Junagarh, and Dharmagarh, have expressed resentment as the drains are not being cleaned regularly with no fogging in while the local administration has turned a blind eye as malaria and dengue keep spreading their tentacles. They said that machinery meant for the prevention of such diseases is rotting in the office.

Dengue and malaria have become a big concern for the people due to the lack of action by the municipality and the district administrations.

On the other hand, malaria prevention in rural and remote areas has become a sham. In remote areas, when people are suffering from malaria, the distribution of medicated mosquito nets seems like a coverup.

When asked about the situation, ADMO Dr. Ranjan Mitra, stated that regular review is being done to prevent dengue and malaria.

He further informed that a review meeting of the district administration and departmental officers will be held in the first week of July.

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