Tuesday, July 16, 2024

BTS’ Jimin’s Smeraldo Garden Marching Band becomes fastest 2024 K-pop song to top iTunes in 100 regions – N.F Times

Seoul: BTS’ Jimin released Smeraldo Graden Marching Band as a pre-release for his forthcoming second solo album MUSE. Within hours of its release, the song has topped the iTunes chart in 100 regions across the globe. With this, the song is now the fastest K-pop solo to achieve this feat in 2024.

Within hours of release, Jimin’s MUSE pre-release track Smeraldo Graden Marching Band (feat. LOCO) topped the iTunes chart in 100 countries across the globe. Among those regions are Australia, Brazil, India, Italy, Japan, Czech Republic, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Canada, Thailand, and more.

With this, Smeraldo Garden Marching Band (feat. LOCO) is now the fastest song to achieve this milestone among all K-pop solos released in 2024 so far.

Jimin released Smeraldo Garden Marching Band (feat. LOCO), accompanied by a dreamlike music video. Serving as the pre-release track for his forthcoming solo album MUSE, this song is all about the truth that one couldn’t say aloud.

Through the tender lyrics, the talented singer referenced the fictional flower named Smeraldo, coined by BTS. The word signifies ‘the untold truth’ and with this, Jimin gave a shoutout to his group’s LOVE YOURSELF: TEAR song The Truth Untold.

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