Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Odisha Agri Dept Principal Secy Asks Officers To Refrain From Frequenting HQ With Transfer Issues – N.F Times

Bhubaneswar: The Principal Secretary of Odisha Agriculture and Farmers’ Empowerment Department, Dr Arabinda Kumar Padhee, has asked district and field officers to stop frequent visits to the State headquarters for transfer-related issues.

Dr. Padhee stated that officers are prohibited from visiting the State headquarters without prior authorization from higher authorities.

Earlier, the Principal Secretary had issued a directive, instructing district and field officers to obtain permission letters from higher authorities before visiting the headquarters for any complaints or grievances.

Complaints submitted through departmental email or the appropriate channels will be addressed based on individual merits and government norms. The department also hosts a grievance cell every Monday, where officials and farmers can promptly address their concerns.

Dr. Padhee remarked, “We aim to address grievances swiftly and effectively. However, some officers frequently visit the State headquarters for transfer issues, blatantly disregarding previous directives. Consequently, district officials are not permitted to travel to the Bhubaneswar office without the approval of authorities.”

With the Kharif season nearing, field officers must be present at their assigned stations to address farmers’ needs, which officers should consider, Dr. Padhee emphasised.

Further, Dr. Padhee advised officers against exerting pressure regarding transfers, warning that such actions would not exempt them from government service conduct rules.

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