Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Govt to Build 200 Cow Shelters Across Odisha – N.F Times

Bhubaneswar: The BJP-led state government has announced plans to construct 200 cow shelters across the state, said Gokulananda Mallik, the State Fisheries, Animal Resources & MSME Development Minister on Saturday. He mentioned that these shelters will serve to deter the smuggling and trafficking of cows, as well as provide care for stray livestock.

Responding to the press, Minister Mallik remarked said that the state government is dedicated to curbing the smuggling of cows within the state. A roadmap is being prepared to halt such activities.

Additionally, the government is set to initiate a mobile hospital service to deliver prompt medical care to cattle involved in road accidents, added the minister. He also mentioned that there will be provisions within those 200 shelters to ensure the protection of cattle rescued from accidents and trafficking.

Similarly, the minister has instructed the department to address the challenges faced by the state’s fishermen. Mallick said that the government is planning to open cold storage facilities for the fishing community.

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