Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Another woman in West Bengal dies by suicide following ‘mob flogging’ – N.F Times

Kolkata: Another woman in West Bengal died by suicide after reportedly being flogged by a group of people over an alleged extramarital affair, amid ongoing outrage following the public flogging of a couple for a supposed illicit relationship in Chopra, Uttar Dinajpur district, news agency PTI reported citing police on Tuesday.

The latest incident took place in Jalpaiguri district, and police have arrested four people, including two women, in connection with the case.

According to an Indian Express report, it was alleged that the woman had an extramarital affair with a young man and had been missing from her home for 10 days. During her absence, her husband filed a missing person complaint at the New Jalpaiguri police station.

When she returned on Monday, local women publicly abused and beat her, questioning her character. Her husband was also assaulted when he tried to intervene. Unable to bear the humiliation, the woman consumed pesticides and ended her life late Monday night, according to the complaint.

The woman’s husband reported that the panchayat head and TMC leader Malati Roy, along with her husband Shankar Roy, called his wife to a meeting. When they arrived, supporters of the Roys allegedly attacked both him and his wife. Malati and Shankar Roy denied these allegations, asserting they did not hold a kangaroo court.

Shankar Roy told the Indian Express that the couple had intended to file a police complaint but chose to go to the panchayat instead. He mentioned that the woman had previously eloped with another man, which might have prompted their neighbours to beat her. He claimed they were not present during the incident and only arrived when the meeting was underway, adding that the woman excused herself to go to the washroom, and they later discovered she had ingested acid.

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