Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Free Hand to Probe Agencies to Act Against Corruption Without Interference: PM Modi – N.F Times

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that he has given a free hand to probe agencies to robustly act against corruption without any government interference.

During his response to the motion of thanks in the Rajya Sabha, PM Modi remarked that corruption has severely undermined the nation, and he is dedicated to eradicating this scourge.

He assured that the law would catch up with all corrupt individuals.

“I would like to say without hesitation that I have given a free hand to agencies to take stringent action against corruption and the corrupt. Government will not interfere anywhere. They should work honestly for honesty…I would like to tell the citizens that no corrupt will be able to escape from the law. Ye Modi ki guarantee hai,” stated PM Modi.

He emphasized that his battle against corruption transcends electoral considerations. “My engagement in this fight is not for electoral victories or defeats. It’s my mission, my firm belief. Corruption, like a termite, has eaten into the fabric of our nation. My wholehearted effort is to cleanse our country of corruption and instil a deep-seated aversion to it among the populace,” he added.

Amidst interruptions from opposition members during his speech, the Prime Minister criticized the Congress for initially accusing the AAP government in Delhi of corruption and subsequently alleging that his BJP-led central government was manipulating investigative agencies.

“The Congress has now initiated a ‘save the corrupt’ movement. There’s an uproar when the corrupt are imprisoned… Accusations are being made about the misuse of investigative agencies… ‘The AAP commits corruption, the AAP is involved in a liquor scam, and it’s the Congress that complains about the AAP, taking them to court. Yet, when action is taken, they blame Modi… Now, they have become allies… Congress once disclosed evidence against the AAP at a press conference; they now need to clarify whether that evidence was factual or not, said PM Modi.

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