Sunday, July 14, 2024

Uttar Pradesh Police fail to find ‘Bhole Baba’ who held Hathras satsang that caused stampede – N.F Times

UP: After the Uttar Pradesh police carried out a search operation at Ram Kutir Charitable Trust in Mainpuri district in search of ‘Bhole Baba’, who hold a Satsang in Hathras where a stampede took place claiming the lives of 116 people, Deputy Superintendent of Police Sunil Kumar revealed that Baba ji was not found inside the campus.

“We did not find Baba ji inside the campus…He is not here…” said Deputy SP Sunil Kumar.

Meanwhile, a forensic Team along with a dog squad arrived at the incident site on Wednesday morning. 

An eyewitness in the Hathras stampede incident, Shakuntala Devi said, “There was a Satsang of Bhole Baba going on. Right after the Satsang finished, several people started coming out from there. A stampede took place as the road was uneven and people fell on each other…”

The tragic incident took place during the ‘satsang’ of self-proclaimed preacher Narayan Saakar Hari popularly known as Bhole Baba in Phulwari, Hathras. The preacher is still absconding. 


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