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Bigg Boss OTT 3: Sai Ketan Rao’s Rumoured Gf Shivangi Khedkar Questions Chandrika Dixit For Misinterpreting His Massage Offer – N.F Times

Mumbai: In the latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3, Sai Ketan Rao gets emotional upon seeing his rumored girlfriend, Shivangi Khedkar. Shivangi confronts Chandrika, calling her out for derogatory comments against Sai, adding a dramatic twist to the show and highlighting the strong bond between Sai and Shivangi.

This Weekend Ka Vaar saw two special guests in the presence of former contestant Payel Malik and ‘khaas dost’ of Sai, Shivangi. Seeing Shivangi on stage, Sai breaks down in tears. Shivangi also gets emotional. Armaan and Sana Sultan go to console Sai. Sana tells Sai, “Aapne dil se unko yaad kiya.”

Host Anil Kapoor asks Sai if he is ok. Later, when Shivangi’s turn comes, she says, “All this while ladkiyon ko lekar bola jaa raha tha, abhi thoda ladko ko lekar bola jai.”

Shivangi Khedkar, furious with Chandrika, questions her about her baseless and misleading allegations against Sai for offering her a massage.

She calls out Chandrika Dixit aka Vada pav girl. She takes offence at the way Chandrika took Sai’s friendly gesture of him offering a massage to her after she complained about pain on her arm.

Shivangi says, “The tone of her saying was not right and her PR team got articles written about how Sai’s intentions were wrong and he doesn’t deserve. Aur ye wahi Chandrika ji hai jo bolti ke main harr baat muh pe bolti hu. Maine aaj tak inko kabhi bhi kisiko unke muh pe bolte huye nahi suna.”

Chandrika agrees saying, “Haan main bolti hu.”

Shivangi then says, “Aap cheezon ke apne tareeke se madodti hai.” Anil Kapoor says, “I agree with Shivangi. Chanrika ji, aapne iss tareeke se toh nahi kaha tha.” He then asks Sana M about Chandrika’s tone. Sana tries to explain and Anil tells her to be true to her character. He says, “Be honest. It’s about a boy’s character.” Sana says that she vaguely remembers. The Bollywood actor says, “Yaad kijiye. Baaki sab toh yaad rehti hai. Apko yaad rakhna padega.”

Chandrika holds her ears and says, “I would like to apologise if my words have hurt him. I consider him as a brother.” Anil Kapoor then added, “If you considered him to be a brother and knew his intentions were not wrong then why did you make statements like your ‘mard’ wouldn’t like it outside?”

Chandrika tries to explain that she didn’t meant that he was meaning it with a wrong intention and she was clarifying it so that it doesn’t comes across as a wrong way.

Before leaving, Shivangi tells Sai, “Stop crying. You are doing very well. Buckle up.”

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