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Puri Rath Yatra: Lord Balabhadra Slips During Adapa Bije Pahandi, Several Sevayats Injured – N.F Times

Puri/Bhubaneswar: Several sevayats were injured when Lord Balabhadra’s idol fell on them during the ‘Adapa Bije Pahandi’ ceremony after the Rath Yatra in Odisha’s pilgrim town of Puri on Tuesday.

The incident occurred as the three deities were being transferred from their chariots to the Adapa Mandap of the Gundicha temple on Tuesday evening.

Following the completion of other rituals, the ‘Pahandi’ procession commenced, during which the servitors carried the three idols to the Adapa Mandap, swaying them gently.

However, as Lord Balabhadra’s idol was being moved from the Taladhwaja chariot via the temporary ramp, Charamala, it slipped and fell onto the servitors injuring several of them. The injured servitors were then rushed to the Puri hospital for treatment.

Later, Lord Balabhadra moved to Shree Gundicha temple in “Goti Pahandi” with the rhythms of traditional instruments.

Chief Minister Mohan Charan Majhi has expressed grief after receiving the news that Lord Balabhadra fell from Charmal during the Adapa Bije Pahandi ceremony. The Chief Minister also wished the injured sevayats a speedy recovery.

CM Majhi directed Law Minister Prithviraj Harichandan to go to Puri immediately and take appropriate steps. Also, on the request of CM Mohan Majhi, Deputy Chief Minister Pravati Parida will be heading to Puri.

Former Puri MLA Jayant Kumar Sarangi and Pipili MLA Ashrit Patnaik were also spotted at the Puri Hospital to take stock of the situation.

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