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Actress Divyanka Tripathi with Husband Vivek Dahiya Robbed in Italy – N.F Times

Actor couple Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya, find themselves stranded in Florence, Italy, after a robbery. On Thursday, July 11, Divyanka disclosed on her official Instagram account that they had lost their passports and money, appealing for assistance from the Indian embassy due to being cashless in a foreign nation.

Vivek said that while they were scouting for a one-day property rental in Florence, thieves broke their car window and stole their passports and money, among other valuables.

Vivek reported that the local police were of no help, stating, “They rejected our case, claiming that without CCTV in that area, they couldn’t assist us. They even deemed it unnecessary to visit the site. The police station closes at 6 pm, and beyond that time, no support is available,” he told the news outlet.

On her Instagram story, Divyanka expressed, “Vivek and I are unharmed, but most of our essentials, including passports, bank cards, and costly items, have been stolen from our car at a resort. We’re hoping for swift assistance from the embassy.”

In a subsequent story, the ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ actress criticized those who ‘bothered’ them with ‘advice on precautions.’

“The theft occurred while the car was parked on secure resort premises. Please refrain from troubling us with precautionary advice. The resort was aware of our ‘luggage in car’ situation and had no objections. This could happen to anyone, though I wish it on no one.”

A frustrated Divyanka added, “If you can offer help or empathy, please do so. If not, kindly continue with your own affairs.”

Recently, the couple has been sharing snippets of their lavish vacation on Instagram, posting reels and photos for their followers. They celebrated their wedding anniversary in Italy on July 7.

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