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CM Majhi Responds to LoP Naveen’s Letter on Pahandi Bije Mishap – N.F Times

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Mohan Majhi has replied in a humble manner to the former CM and Leader of Opposition (LoP) Naveen Patnaik’s today’s letter regarding the mishap with Bada Thakura Balabhadra during the Adapa Mandap Bije.

The CM acknowledged the unfortunate event, assured that such an incident would not recur, and welcomed all suggestions from the veteran leader Patnaik.

The almighty Shri Jagannath is not just a symbol of the Odia race’s Asmita; he is considered the supreme deity of the entire universe, heaven and hell. The rituals and the Rath Yatra festival of the holy trinity are unparalleled worldwide, wrote the CM in his reply to the LoP Naveen’s letter.

The grieved CM also mentioned that Shri Jagannath devotees all around the globe share sorrow over the unfortunate event that occurred during Bada Thakura’s Adapa Pahandi.

“It is understandable for you to be disturbed by this incident, as I am equally disheartened”, wrote CM Majhi.

Upon being informed about the mishap during the ‘Adapa Mandap Pahandi’, I instructed Deputy CM Pravati Parida and Law Minister Prithviraj Harichandan to visit Puri immediately and advised all concerned to ensure such an incident does not happen again, the CM cited in his letter.

Expecting cooperation from the opposition during the Yatra, CM Majhi wrote, “I have attentively read the letter you sent me on this matter. Together, we will ensure that the services of ‘Chaturdhamulthi’ and ‘Srigundicha Yatra’ are conducted properly. I will always welcome your advice with respect”.

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