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Did you know Ravi Dubey started career with production of Dilip Kumar & Saira Banu? – N.F Times

Indian actor Ravi Dubey has recently been at a focal point of attention for the success of his song ‘Ve Haaniyaan’, which was co-produced along with his wife Sagun Mehta, from their music label ‘Dreamiyata Music’. While Ravi Dubey has come far ahead as an actor with his incredible lineup of films such as the zero-budget film ‘TACIIT,’ ‘Farradday’ and another few unannounced projects, not many know who gave Ravi his first big break! Did you know that Ravi Dubey started his career with a production of Dilip Kumar and Saira Banerjee?

In a recent interview, Indian actor Ravi Dubey shared insights into his remarkable journey as an actor. Reflecting on his humble beginnings, Ravi vividly recalls how his career began and the pivotal moments that shaped his path in the entertainment industry. Ravi reminisced how he started his career starring in a 2005 production by the legendary Dilip Kumar and Saira Banerjee. The first look test that they gave was at Dilip Kumar’s residence in Bandra (Mumbai). This initial opportunity, granted by the iconic Dilip Kumar, marked the start of Ravi Dubey’s successful career in acting.

Beyond his early television days, Ravi Dubey has made significant strides in both the film and social spheres. His zero-budget film ‘TACIIT,’ an initiative aimed at raising awareness for social justice and supporting victims of domestic violence, has garnered critical acclaim. The film has been officially selected for screening in Los Angeles and has won two prestigious awards, one in the United Kingdom and another in India.

In addition to his acting endeavours, Ravi Dubey has ventured into production. He co-owns Dreamiyata Entertainment with his wife, Sargun Mehta. This production house has been instrumental in bringing various creative projects to life. Further expanding their creative horizons, the couple also launched Dreamiyata Musiic, a music production house that recently celebrated a remarkable achievement. Their song “Ve Haaniyaan” not only crossed 100 million views on YouTube but also surpassed Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” on Instagram, marking a significant milestone for the duo.

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