Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Saudi Plane with 297 Onboard Catches Fire at Pakistan, All Safe – N.F Times

A Saudi Airlines aircraft carrying 297 passengers caught fire during its landing at Peshawar airport in Pakistan on Thursday, according to local media. The fire was reportedly caused by a malfunction in the landing gear.

Despite the flames, all passengers and crew members were safely evacuated, with no casualties reported. The plane was travelling from Riyadh to Peshawar. Firefighting teams from the Civil Aviation Authority successfully extinguished the fire.

Saudia (A Saudi Airline) issued a statement saying that the aircraft “experienced smoke emanating from one of the tyres during landing at Peshawar International Airport in Pakistan.”

“The aircraft was immediately stopped and the relevant authorities were notified… All 276 passengers and 21 crew members were safely evacuated from the aircraft using the inflatable slide. The flight had originated from Riyadh for Peshawar”, it added.

Saudia released an official statement regarding the incident. Despite the tense moments experienced during the landing, there were no casualties. The Civil Aviation Authority and the fire brigade officials responded promptly, extinguishing the smoke and securing the safety of all passengers and crew.

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