Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Allegation of Torture against Two Brothers : The Lady sat for Dharana

Buruea Head PKB: A local married lady Madhusmita Mahapatra of Raju street Jeypore has brought allegedly the exploitation charges against her husband’s two brothers namely Raghav Mahapatra and Muna Mahapatra. It was reported that Madhusmita went to the town police station in connection with the alledged torture being meted out to her. As it was a family dispute, the police did not receive the complaint rather convinced for amicable settlement at home. So Madhusmita being dissatisfied went for Dharana in front of the police station. Taking the gravity of the issue, the town police lodged a case. Madhusmita in her FIR stated that there is risk to her two daughters life. Both the brothers are torturing me for dowry following which a drowry case had been registered. Further, Raghav Mahapatra and Muna Mahapatra had forcibly taken the land document from Madhusmita and brought loans asking her to deposit the amount as stated by the police.
On the otherhand, the information received from SI Manisha Sahu, town police, Jeypore, the wives of Raghav Mahapatra and Muna Mahapatra have also brought counter allegation against Madhusmita’s husband that they are being threatened by the husband of Madhusmita. So investigation of both the allegations are known to have been going on as stated by the investigating officer Manisha Sahu.

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