Sunday, May 19, 2024

Macchakunda Dydropower Project belongs to Andra : A Severe Error Enrages the people

Buruea Head PKB: The BJD govt has been severely criticized for KOTIA issue as our administration appears hugely incompetent to resolve this issue as alledgely stated by many people. No sooner did the KOTIA issue find the ground to comfort the outrage of the people belonging to Odisha particularly Koraput than the students across the state being taught that Macchakunda hydropower Project belongs to Andra has erupted the severe reaction of the educationists and intellectuals.
It is a matter of unfortunate happening that the students of class tenth are being prepared by teaching the misinformation about macchakunda hydroproject. This is such a grave issue that has again put the government under severe charges of misinformation and collousness .
It was reported and known from the evidence of tenth class Geography and Economics book of page no- 69 that there are a list of all the hydropower Projects of our country. All hydropower Projects of Odisha Hirakud, Balimela, Indravati, Rengali are there but the macchakunda hydroproject falls under Andra Pradesh Govt not only depicts the inactiveness of our Education Minister but speaks how incompetent is the administration functioning here. People have taken this issue seriously and demanding explaination from the government.

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