Saturday, June 3, 2023

Shiromani Award ceremony organized at Universal Rail Mill

Shiromani Award ceremony organized at Universal Rail Mill of BSP. Pali Shiromani Award goes to the Manager of Universal Rail Mill Mr. Bipin Kumar Maurya. Karm Shiromani Award goes to Mr. Sanjay Tripathi (ACT) and Mr. Reddy Dilip Kumar (OCT) for excellent and exemplary performance under the Shiromani Award scheme of SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant.

The main objective of Karm Shiromani Award and Pali Shiromani is to honor the hardworking and creative personnel who have performed remarkable performance in the department with the standard parameters of safety, innovation in their workplace, better resource utilization and fulfillment of organizational objectives.

Chief General Manager (URM) Mr. Anish Sengupta honored the personnel with memento, citation, appreciation letter for their spouse and a sweet coupon. And while congratulating all the employees who were honored with the Shiromani Award, they praised their diligent contribution towards their work.

In the function, Shri Jasbir Singh (Additional Labor Welfare Officer) was presented a letter of appreciation by the Chief General Manager for the exemplary work done in URM.

On this occasion, Mr. Hemant Pathak (General Manager), Mr. Elias Ahmed (General Manager), Mr. Rahul Srivastava (General Manager), Mr. Santosh Oswal (General Manager), Mr. D. Behera (General Manager), Mr. Parminder Singh (Deputy General Manager) and other officers and personnel were present. The program was conducted and coordinated by Assistant Manager (Personnel Mill Zone-2) Ms. Samayla Ansari.

Expressing their views, the awardees said that such awards have boosted their morale and inspired them to do better work.

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