Saturday, June 3, 2023

Why Counter & Atrocities Cases IN Different Police Stations

Balangir/ Bargarh/ Sambalpur/ Rourkela/ Bhubaneswar : It is shameful to say that the Police System, particularly in Odisha Police creats lot of questions. It is badly in need of reformation of Police System in Odisha. The Inspector In Charge ( IIC) of each & every Police Station of Odisha has a Vito Power & it is a line of your veda ( Veda Ra Gara or Ved Ka Line He), once he did register a Case whether, it may be false , baseless, fabricated, borrowed and pre-planning, the Concerned, SP ( it may be direct IPS or Promotive ) can not enquire, investigate, rectify, can not touch , can not change the Case which the IIC has registered a FIR. It will be challenge or appealed only before the Honorable High Court. The SP, only in his AC Room as he is the SP. The SP is a great one, SP thinks that the SP has having with the controlling power of Law & Orders . Same as the IIC thinks that the IIC is superior to any SP as the IIC looks the bad & good sides of his concerned SP. The IIC provides or gives presentations from best, luxurious & costly fooding, to Diamond , what he does not give to his SP. For that , the IIC gets encouragement, shelter for collecting bribes openly & also the IIC starts his monopoly, Dabangagiri and he does harass the innocent by lodging all false cases. Practically, if we do examine, then , the crimes is gradually increasing day by day due to the ill intentions and irregularities of the IIC. For that, once , they do register a FIR, the SP can not change, can not investigate, can not enquire, can not modify & it becomes the Line of the BEDA. We can say firmly, the Police System in Odisha is badly in need of reformation, changes, it should be a proper scrutinizing, screening, and modification & etc. There is no change what was in British Rule. The most of SDPOs are registering false Attrocities Cases against the Innocents & there are several instances in different Police Stations of Odisha. Time will come , if the faulty Police System of Odisha will not be reformed or modified, then, the people will burn & assault the Police Personnel like Balangir, Town Police Station which was happened earlier. The time of reformation of Police System in Odisha State is knocking at the door of the Police Department of Odisha, otherwise, near future, a totally changing revolution will be occurred & it is an eternal truth as the people of Odisha in a stage of beyond toleration. The people of Odisha are appealing before the Director General of Police, Odisha for looking into this sensitive genuine demand for the sake of Humanity Ground. Like false Attrocities cases , several false counters cases are also a daily process of the different Police Stations of Odisha. It needs an immediate prompt strong action in this sensitive issues.On the other hand, the saver becomes eater or killer.

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