Sunday, March 26, 2023

Ama souchalaya in unhygienic condition: CM’s shine city mission failed

Ganjam (Corresp.) : It is said that crores of rupees have spent on the installation of Toilets (Ama souchalaya) under BeMC in different wards. But it is a matter of regret that those toilets are of no more usable/workable condition due to lack of proper management by the BeMC authorities. The toilet maintenance responsibilities have been handed over to different SHG groups on which the BeMC have no control over them. Now the so called SHG group are under deep Hibernation but lakhs of rupees are being sanctioned on their favour for the maintenance and management every month as a result the toilets are of no use at all due to lack of water supply and cleaning as a result people of the slum areas are seen open detection on roadsides and open drains and live in unhygienic condition. The burnt example is seen in ward no 26 in front of Utkal Balashram, Gosaninuagam. More than 50 people are dependent on the BeMC toilet but the said toilet has become dysfunctional. So an open defection is detected in plenty of numbers on the road side. Complaints have been lodged to the BeMC through the local corporator and Mayor so many times again and again, but all in vain. It seems that the BeMC authorities have become deaf, dumb and blind and to the fundamental rights of the public. Now, the questions have been raised by the public where the Hon’ble “MANYAVAR” is who had shouldered the responsibility to become shine of Brahmapur as well as of BeMC. 5T commissioner and Collector cum DM Ganjam are here informed to take steps accordingly against the authorities concerned and to do the needful at the earliest for the renovation of the “Ama souchalaya” (Toilets) throughout the BeMC area for the interest of public.

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