Tuesday, May 30, 2023

2nd Annual Day of ‘Satyara Sandhan’: Honoring Mr. Safdar Hashim ‘Garibon ka Masiha award’

Cuttack (Corresp.) : Renowned social worker Mr. Safdar Hashim has been felicitated in a grand ceremony for the second anniversery Festival of Satyara Sandhan (Search for truth) at cuttack . In this Programme Mayor of Cuttack CMC, Subash Chandra Singh, inaugurated the program, while Safdar Hashim, Chairperson of Hashim Abdullah Trust, a leading social institution of Odisha, joined as the chief guest and expressed the opinion that newspapers should always provide impartial news. Barang District Council member Tusar Kant Chakraborty, Industrialist Devduthi Swain, Social Worker Devi Ranjan Das, Adhir Kumar Jena, Manmohan Sethi, Satyaro Sandhan Co-Founder Slanjochana Mohanty Makar joined and gave their own speeches as the guest of honor. On this occasion, individuals who have acquired expertise in various fields of society were felicitated by the institute. Safdar Hashim is one of the Seths who is the chairperson of Jazba and social worker. During the Corona epidemic, reaching out to the poor, needy, laborers and helpless people by providing them with everything from dry food to cooked food introduced humanity by providing necessary tools to make 1000 people self-reliant. While he has been approached by various institutions of Odisha for this service, this evening Cuttack Mayor Subas Singh has honored social worker Safdar Hashim with the honor of garibo ka masiha award . At the end of the work, Editor Mirza Rizwan Beg conducted the meeting and gave vote of thanks.

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