Friday, March 24, 2023

IRE failed to gave employment to area youth: agitation soon

Ganjam (Corresp.) : The IRE (LTD) company has been established at Chatrapur under Ganjam District. The people of Ganjam have sacrificed their cultivable lands for the establishment of the company having a great hope of employment of the local unemployed for the greater interest of the nation. There was also an agreement between the company and the district administration accordingly. But it seems that the district administration is showing loyalty to the company throwing the demands of the beneficiaries to Dustbin who have lost their rice pots, Why? Agitation, Dharana infront of the IREL Gates. Since it’s establishment have become a day-to-day issue and different cases have been filed against the agitators who are fighting for their legal rights under different section of IPC by the local police. Now the questions arise that except daily labourers all the officials are appointed out of Ganjam district even though there are of lakhs of qualified technicians in the district. It is a matter of regret that recently a recruitment examination was conducted by the IREL. Chatrapur Ganjam but all the centres were in Cuttack, Bhubaneswar (Khurda), Puri and Jagatsinghpur district: why? Why?. How many cases have been filed against the company either by the police or district administration? Now the public demand exemplary steps against the company by the district administration accordingly for the greater interest of the people of Ganjam and Special recruitment examination to be conducted for the district of Ganjam before the publication of the scheduled examination which has been conducted in outer districts other than GJM. Failing which the public will come down to the road to protest against the tyranny of the company and Government will be held responsible for the consciquences.

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