Tuesday, May 30, 2023

A Final adieu to our very own Raju Srivastav Ji(Gajodhar Bhaya)

We will miss him forever. He is a real warrior.At the age of 58, he left us because of the cardiac arrest. We all are heartbroken and even shattered. The whole nation will be going to miss the punch and humour for which he was known as the comedy king of Bollywood.
A real hero and a great family man who struggled even in the 1980s and succeeded in 2005 as a popular standup comedian in the Great Indian Laughter Challenge, a Comedy show. His popularity soared high after then. He became a household name because of his crispy and crunchy dialogues. He even worked in several Bollywood movies. The void which has been left after him can not be filled by any actor for sure. It was not easy for him to crack funny lines from simple life experiences. It’s years of knowledge and toil that rendered him such fame.
He is not with us. But the whole nation will, again and again, revive his memory through his immortal line that has already left a lasting impression in our lives. May his immortal soul rest in peace in the heavenly abode.

Dr. Sudipta Mishra

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