Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Worst Road to Sonepur from Dunguripali needs New Construction

Sonepur/ Balangir (Sunil Mishra) : The Sonepur, District of Western Odisha is famous as Temple City or Town & it is next to the Temple City of Odisha Capital, Bhubaneswar. The Sonepur or Subarnnapur is also known for River Mahandi & Patali Shree Khetra of Lord Jaganath & it is also next to Shree Khetra Puri of Odisha State. The total 2nd highest Paddy procurements District of Odisha & it is next to Kalahandi, District which is the Rice Bowl OR Bhata Handi of India. In the time of scarcity of Paddy OR Rice in India long back ago, the Kalahandi, District had supplied Rice to the entire India and it is known to all. The Sonepur, District is also famous for Handlooms, Handicrafts and etc. The Inhabitants or Citizens of Sonepur District are sober, gentle, simple, helping & cooperative in nature. Due to not awareness of the peoples of Sonepur, District, the present condition of the Road from Dunguripali Via Binka to Sonepur is becoming totally Worst and it is badly in need of New Strong Construction as the time of construction, what was the load capacity of the Road & basing on the numbers of Vehicles will be passed as per their calculation per day it may be heavy and light capacity Vehicles , it increases 5 times as compared to the passing of Vehicles per day presently. It is no doubt that the Roads became damaged gradually day by day and it is taking minimum hours together due to the worst and damaged conditions of the present condition of Road from Dunguripali to Sonepur & it is only 51 KMS from Dunguripali to Sonepur. Daily by this Road, numbers of Vehicles from Chhatishgarh State & few Districts of Western Odisha are passing through & most of the Vehicles are generally going to Capital City Bhubaneswar, Cuttack & Puri as well as Coastal Belt Districts. Automatically & Obviously , the Road will be damaged as the resistance or tolerance capacity of the Road is becoming deteriorated or fallen low OR the Load Capacity of the Present Road has lost its capacity & it is badly in need of construction of New Road as quick as Possible. Peoples are becoming compelled to demand before the District Administration for early taking of Prompt Steps for immediate Constitution of the above mentioned Roads for not only the benefits of the Peoples, but also the saving & increasing of Revenue of the Odisha State Government.

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