Thursday, March 23, 2023

Irregular Appointment & Financing in Most of the Private Bank Sectors

Balangir/ Rourkela/ Bhubaneswar (Sunil Mishra) : It will be astonished & so pettiness as well as disgraceful that most of the Private Sector Banks , probably in Odisha State are used to do irregularities in providing services & in giving loan or financing to their selected persons with some bad intentions. There several instances in the Private Banks like ICICI, HDFC & some few others Private Banks of Odisha. Particularly in Odisha State, in ICICI & HDFC Banks, few days back , the on line P.O. , Examination and Interview was conducting by their selected Officers or their selected persons, their Questions are so easy & most Candidates faced the Interview and whatever, they asked, the appearing Candidates did their best & they were 100% sure that they must qualify & will get the P.O. Job or service. We took Interview of some Candidates who faced few days back , they told that it was an ironical, a Pharsa, a drama. They called just for an Interview, but prior to that they had selected their P.O., Candidates by taking huge amounts of Bribes. The Candidates told that the Officers or persons concerned of ICICI who were taking Interview are most Bookish and they did not know, how to take Interview of P.O., Interview or Examination in online .
It is known to all that all Private Banks not only ICICI, HDFC and others Private Banks must have to obey & to maintain the rules, regulations and guidelines of Reserve Bank of India. But, it is sure that the most of the Private Banks like ICICI, HDFC and other few Private Banks are ignoring the Guidelines, Rules and Regulations of Reserve Bank of India.
Another, ground & practical sensitive information that most of the Branch Manager of ICICI, HDFC and other Private Banks are posting their relatives & known Boys & Girls directly just taking an interview & they are getting approval from their Odisha Head & HR or concerned senior officers. As result of which most of the Innocent, talented, dedicated and result minded fresh Boys & Girls who have completed MBA, IMBA, BBA, BCA & others certain applicable are depriving of getting the Jobs. An impartial enquiry is to be instituted by RBI , Governor or Concerned non corrupted result oriented senior Officers of RBI for providing justice to the talented Boys and Girls of not only Odisha State but also the Boys and Girls of entire India as well as the real truth will be found out for Nation Building. It is a sincere genuine demand of the Parents and the intellectual as well as the responsible & sensitive Citizens of India.

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