Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Bajrakali Puja & Mahalaya SRADHA

Buruea Head PKB: We have millions of interesting festive occasions that hold us together with mutual reciprocation of cooperation, love and affection. There can’t be the real peaceful progress of our lives unless we lay down our submission of respect and love to our fathers and mothers. Children are always blessed by their parents whether alive or dead. A child makes the realistic progress in his life following the obtaining of blessings from them.
“Mahalaya Amabasya” as per the traditional and religious belief of The Hinduism is being celebrated with the pious objective of offering reverence and devotional bhakti to our forefathers and mothers. The humility in the devotional offering of bhakti to our ancestors through the organisation of “SRADHA” Is firmly believed to be an important occasion not only to invite them but also to request them to empower us in our daily routine lives. We are fine and doing well with all their blessings upon us. In Hindu religious belief, during this festive occasion of fifteen days which starts from Aswina Pratipada till the Krishna Pakhya Aswina Amabasya which is called Apara Pakhya , lots of rituals along with Sradha” is widely known to be conducted in individual homes. After finding the descending of our forebearers at our individual homes through this Mahalaya SRADHA, the holy occasion for Navaratri festival Durga Puja starts from the very next day. Now, the entire surroundings are filled with the devotional ambience for readiness to gain the knowledge, wisdom and blessings of Maa Dasabhuja Durga
According to Pandit Shree Manoranjan Dash, a scholar from Jagannath Sanskrit University of Puri, Another significant occasion of Bajrakali Puja is celebrated on this sacred day. “The Bajrakali Puja” is conducted by our mothers and sisters inviting the blessings of Maa Kali to make their children strong, wise and energetic. The very term “Bajra” means strong. This pious occasion of ” Bajrakali” , according to Shree Dash, is devotionally Conducted at individual hindu homes across Odisha by seeking the blessings of Maa Kali for the welfare and longevity of the lives of their children. With the arrangement of different holy materials , the Maa BajraKali puja is Conducted inviting MAA to attend at homes for making their children strong, wise and stout.

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