Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Navaratri Puja at Kalikrushna Temple

PKB, Jeypore: The Kalikrushna Temple located at Jeypore subdivision of Koraput District has had the excellent record of conducting a slew of spiritual activities around the year. Devotees throng around the temple hailing from different parts of Odisha. Under the spiritual chanting of mantras and religious performance of rituals, the holy occasion of Bhagabati Maa Kali Puja on the occasion of Navaratri was reported to have been conducted that created an ambience of devotion and Bhakti. Durga Saptashati was chanted by Sad Guru Jagadananda Swami Maharaj with following of all auster discipline and devotion. The small children on the ninth day of Maa Durga Puja were found to be worshipped as per the scheduled principles of the Kalikrushna Temple. Devotees from different parts of the district were seen present on all the days of Maa Bhagavati Devi Durga Puja celebration. The Kalikrushna Temple was well decorated with flowers and lights glowing during night time gave a devotionally bound divine ambience that filled joys and pleasures among the people including small children.

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