Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Project of Tejas Quality Circle of Rourkela Steel Plant brings about several tangible and intangible benefits for the company

Rourkela : The creative ideas of the enterprising employees of Tejas Quality Circle of Rourkela Steel Plant’s New Plate Mill Department have helped in bringing about a substantial savings of around Rs. 2.1 Crore for the company.
The team comprising Mr. Deepak Sahu, OCT, Mr. Gopabandhu Behera OCT, Ms. Supriya Bhoi, OCT, Mr. Himanshu Nayak, OCT and Mr. Shirhsnanda Das, SOST of New Plate Mill department, implemented the Project aimed at eliminating the erroneous mapping of Plates. The facilitator of the group is Mr. Abhijit Patnayak, Manager, NPM.
It may be noted that, Plate shape gauge is used in New Plate Mill department to measure width and length of the plates. Based on length and width, it draws the complete shape of the plate. Based on the shape, it also calculates camber, head-cut and tail-cut. Hence it is indispensible for crop and camber optimization of the finished plate in New Plate Mill to maximize yield. However the system developed an error and didn’t provide accurate data.
The Tejas Quality Circle took up the project and did a thorough study to identify the root cause of the problem. After detailed discussions it was planned to carry on a series of modifications with completely in-house resources and help of Operation, Mechanical and Instrumentation team of New Plate Mill Department.
With the implemented modifications, the system was rectified and smoothly carrying out the mapping of Plates. The project helped the team to bag Par Excellence Award in the CCQC-2022 held recently at Rourkela.

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