Friday, March 24, 2023

The charity, Anshuman Memorial Trust, extends helping hand to the destitute families in Dharmashala

Dharmashala, Pratap Prusty : Service to humanity is service to God, there may be very rare people in society who have their ears at this line . If you earn something, a fraction of it, should be utilised for the service of mankind, this is ‘Dharma’. Humanity is yet exist, is shown by the youth of Anshuman Memorial Trust of Jaraka, Dharmashala of Jajpur District.
Extending help, Mr Himanshu Sekhar Sahu, the president of this charitable trust, has shown his keenness and appealed his fellow members to come forward to provide help to two destitute families in Kotapur and Patapur Panchayat. In this connection, the group of members of this trust reached at Kotapur Panchayat and provided groceries and a certain amount of money to one family whose head of the family has been fall sick for a long time and his wife and children are living in despair. Similarly, the trust provided monetary help and two months grocery to one helpless family who are serviving a miserable life in Patapur Panchayat. People applaud for the noble job of the trust.

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