Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Bhagbat Parayan performed at SHIVA TEMPLE

The sacred “Bhagbat Parayan” alongwith “Arnna Yangya”, “Naam Yangya, “Ghruta Yangya” has been celebrated in the premises of “Shiva Temple” of Baigana badi village under Kukudakhandi Block for a week in a befitting manner. In the 5th day about thousand of people took part in the sacred “Nama Sankirtan” followed by Prasad Seban for all the disciples and co-ordination by Sudhir Kumar Rout the management committee chief. Maharaja Bhakti Charan Paramarthi of Sri Krushna Chaitanya mission gave the sacred speech on hindu Gods and Goddesses. Many monks and Saints from the sacred place such as Mathura and Brundavan of U.P had taken part in the occasion and wished for the unity, peace and integrity of the locals and human being at a stretch. The villagers as well as Anil Bishoye, Kokhon Nayak, Mrutyunjay Patra, Ranjeet Patra, Haraprasad Bishoye, Kuna Bishoye cooperated the Bhagbat Parayan programme to be grand success.

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