Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Last Margasira Guruvar held with devotion

Bureau Chief PKB: Thursday is meant for the devotion being offered to the lotus feet of Maa Laxmi. The occasion of Margasira Guruvar held with much love and respect by the mothers across our state odisha. The last Margasira Guruvar held at Jeypore subdivision in Koraput District was really remarkable as being stated by Gayatri Nayak and Dharitri Nayak while appreciating the traditional values of our state. Starting from 4am in the winter cold, huluhuli to invite Maa Laxmi till the end, there was huge amount of devotion found among the ladies. One of the devotees stated, unless this puja is undertaken with respect, prosperity never comes. Maa Laxmi bless everyone is our earnest appeal stated by Dharitri Nayak, a Bank officer while revealing her views.

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