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19 Innovative and Disruptive Startups Showcase Products and Services at Make in Odisha Conclave 2022

Bhubaneswar : Nineteen innovative and disruptive start-ups showcased their products and services at Startup Odisha Stall at the parallel exhibition of the ongoing Make in Odisha Conclave 2022. These included start-ups from deep tech, aviation, automotive, healthcare, education, F&B, and robotics. Dr. Omkar Rai, Executive Chairman, Startup Odisha, visited each stall and complemented the start-ups on the commendable products and services that they had to offer. All exhibitors exuded with confidence and passion and were ever willing to answer the numerous queries from thousands of visitors.
“Make in Odisha Conclave 2022has provided us a huge platform to showcase our products and showcasing the learnings we are providing to the school going children, the kind of achievements we have made. The reach that this platform provides is immense and we are very proud and fortunate to have received this opportunity. I thank Startup Odisha and Make in Odisha Conclave 2022for providing us with thisplatform.” saidExhibitor Abhishek Shukla, Education Manager at Young Tinker Academy.
During his visit to the stalls, Dr. Omkar Rai, Executive Chairman, Startup Odisha said, “The variety of exhibiters at Startuo Odisha’s stall at Make in Odisha 2022 portrays that the diverse start-up ecosystem that the state of Odisha has. We have start-ups that leverage the traditional strengths of the Odisha as well as start-ups that are into frontier technologies. The aim of Startup Odisha is to achieve 5000 start-ups by 2025 and grow the ecosystem further. This will also help in additional job creation and contribute to the economic development of the state.

Exhibitor, Yuvraj Harichandan, Founder, Archon Motors Pvt. Ltd, said, “We have been receiving orders from many other sources for our products and we really think Startup Odisha team for giving us this opportunity and for all the support throughout our journey and we really look forward to have a big break-through in Odisha as an Ev manufacturer.
Exhibitor Amrit Visval, Founder, Datoms, an IoT Platform said, “This platform provides afantastic opportunity for us not just to showcase our solution and products but rather to be present here as a part of Make in Odisha Conclave 2022, collectively coming together and meeting, discussing, interfacing , getting to line out thought and reflecting on how we are doing since we started this journey together.We arein talks with a big brand, one of the few top brands in India and next year we want to expand our footprint even further.”
Exhibitor, Yuvraj Harichandan, Founder, Archon Motors Pvt. Ltd said, “We are extremely proud to showcase one ofOdisha’s inter genius EV power train which will be developed and manufactured and homegrown and this will also on a higher efficiency with power density and we see for a huge market in Odisha and also pan India. We have been receiving orders from many other sources for our products and we really thank Startup Odisha team for giving us this opportunity and for all the support throughout our journey and we really look forward to have a big break-through in Odisha as an EV manufacturer.”
Exhibitor Banabihari Kar, Business Development Manager, Aveti Learningsaid, “We are currently serving900 schools of Odisha and they are making use of our smart class products. Wegot the recognition from Startup Odisha, people from different sectors and government recognised us because of the innovativeness of our products. Startup Odisha has helped us get a lot of connections and we are thankful to them.
Start-ups that took part in the exhibition included:
IG Drones a leading Enterprise Drone Solution provider for drone surveying, mapping & inspection by industry experts. IG Drones has partnered with multiple State Governments & 30 of the biggest PSU’s & MNC’s and has executed more than 250 Projects with head office at Delhi and branch offices at Mumbai (Maharashtra), Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Kolkata (West-Bengal), Guwahati (Assam), Bangalore (Karnataka), Bhubaneswar (Odisha).
ARCHON MOTORS an advanced electric mobility solution provider that aims to be a game changer in the EV ecosystem.
Pipli Technologies Pvt Ltd an augmenting intelligence to help you solve the most crucial question “ What do customers want? ”. Pipli’s aim is to demystify technology, make it easy to use, available to all and away from the current trend of high costs.
OrangeCrossHOmeHealth Pvt Ltd delivers people-centric, high quality health care in the comfort of your home
Young Tinker Educational Foundation (formerly NavonmeshPrasar Foundation) is a non-profit organization with a vision to build an equitable world through STEAM education and skills of the future.
EZERX HEALTH TECH PVT LTD is a Med-Tech &BioTechstartup founded in 2018 which aims to develop highly progressive medical devices and innovative solutions.
BONV TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED enables carbon free smart aerial mobility bringing new dimensions to speed safety and sustainability in goods & people transportation.
CUREBAY TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED aims to bridge this gap in the Indian healthcare system and make quality healthcare accessible to each and every Indian citizen.
LectureNotes Technologies Private Limited is a semester content marketplace for undergrad students enrolled in any course under any discipline.
INNOCULE MATERIALS AND ADDITIVES PRIVATE LIMITED is an intensive R&D driven speciality chemical company with strong focus on developing novel products and processes for mining and mineral industries.
VAISALI DAIRY PRIVATE LIMITED a tech-enabled and hydroponics fed dairy farm
Yoobbel Technologies Private Limited is a platform that enables influencers, merchandisers and entrepreneurs in setting up their own label, along with the Technical, production and Logistics support.
Larkai provides innovative and high-quality cardiac diagnostic monitoring products that are user friendly and reliable.
TransportSimple builds a suite of enterprise solutions for transporters in the logistics industry to manage the operation and accounts with ease.

Aveti E-learning program provides supplemental digital educational resources in regional languages that includes e-learning content and interactive assessments all according to the syllabus as mandated by the local school board.
Skyy Rider Institutions Pvt Ltd is a platform for job-oriented skill development.
Davik Food and Beverages Private Limited offering the finest selection of instant Tea and Coffee premix at unbeatable prices.
Phoenix RobotixPvt. Ltd brings in technologies such as things network-IoT and Big data to build a comprehensive ecosystem for smart cities empowering governments, administrations and decision makers to make better data driven decisions, making cities smart, safe and sustainable thus improving the lives of people and citizens inhabiting them and also helping industries meet their compliance requirements and cities to achieve their sustainable development goals through sensor nodes and data analysis.

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