Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Enterprising endeavors of Shops RS(M) of SAIL Rourkela Steel Plant brings about substantial savings for the company

Rourkela : The enterprising endeavors of the Shops- Repair Shop (Mechanical) collective of SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) has helped in successful completion of a critical job of machining of Primary Mixing Drum of Sinter Plant-I for first time since inception.
Notably Primary Mixing Drum is a vital equipment in Sinter Plant-I which is used to mix up base mix, trimming addition along with plant return fines and water uniformly to enhance the balling index of the raw mix. These primary mixing drum is rotated at a speed of 3.45 to 3.91 RPM to prepare and deliver Raw Mix at a rate of 300-350 Ton/Hr and is supported by two steel tyres & 4 support rolls. This total assembly of Primary Mixing Drum consisting of drum, steel tyre & girth gear was replaced in the year of 2012. After running for about 11 years, Steel tyres and Girth Gear were worn out and required replacement. This was a very intricate and highly skilled job.
Hence it was planned to machining the Primary Mixing Drum. Accordingly a detailed repair methodology was prepared with the help of Sinter Plant-1 to expedite this critical job. The inside Diameter of both tyres was machined in Mechanical Shop and slot machining was taken up in RS (M). The job was taken in horizontal Boring Machine of RS(M) was shifted and relocated in a different place exactly at center of inside diameter of tyre. Suitable blocks and packings were arranged for loading and setting the job. Slot machining of both the tyres were accomplished with great accuracy and precision, completed in a record time of 10 days.
This is yet another example of the commitment and technical expertise of the RS (M) collective. The Department has been tapping the available technical expertise and is exploring avenues to meaningfully contribute in the initiatives of the Plant to reduce the Cost of Production.

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