Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Vidwat Jain Initiated Urja Projects in Rural Schools

Nayagarh : Mr Vidwat Jain is a young entrepreneur who is making sincere efforts to bring innovative solutions to address pollution and environmental challenges in Odisha. His initiative Project Urja, worked to provide uninterrupted power supply to Benta Upper Primary Project School and the Bent, Chandpur, Nayagarh located in the in cyclone prone area of Coastal Odisha by installing rooftop Off Grid Battery Backup Solar System of 3kWH. The project’s success paved the expansion of his work, installing similar Solar Systems in three more schools in villages of Coastal Odisha namely Kataka Sahara Primary School, Kandha Nayagarh Primary School, Gopabandhu Nagar Upper Primary School, Chandrapur. This project also serves to spread awareness on Renewable Energy Solutions and will inspire other high school students to also contribute to their communities. His sustainability workshops meant to educate students and their parents about the impact of renewable energy on economic growth and development are quite an eye opener. His efforts to solicit the support of corporates is commendable. He persuaded corporates to divert CSR funds to fund the initiative and this collaboration has set a fine precedent for what we can achieve if corporates too play their part in protecting our environment.

Besides his efforts in renewable energy, Vidwat, set up a project on Upcycled Fishnets Reusable Bags. Fishnets are the biggest ocean polluters. He works with the local women community to upcycle fishnets into reusable shopping and grocery bags. The initiative is not only the best eco-friendly alternative to single use plastic carry bags but also provides employment to low-income communities. Vidwat is a shining example of a student who despite his privileged education abroad hasn’t lost his connect with his roots.

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