Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Employment cheater: One lady arrested

Berhampur (Corresp.) : A fake railway officer JMS Prava aged about (28) D/O Jogendra Sutar of village Jhimani, P.S Abhaya chandapur under Jagatsinghpur district has been arrested by Berhampur town P.S on forgery on enquiry it has been revealed that JMS Prava identified herself as the railway officer in ECR under Danapur Division. In the mean while S.Hitesh Patro S/O S. Ashok Kumar Patro of Gobindapur P.O Asurabandha under Sarada PS was in search for a job. One of his friend Kartika Sahu provided him the name and address of JMS Prabha who has been providing service in Indian railways. According the victim S.Hitesh met JMS Prava near Sai complex, Berhampur in the month of June 2022. There was a deal between the accused and victim for a group C post the victim had to pay a sum of rupees 11 lakhs. There after Hitesh gave her rs 7.5 lakhs in different installment. In a meantime the accused Prava provided a fake Offer letter, ID Card, Appointment letter attendance card and demanded for the rest amount of Rs 3.5 lakhs, suspending the fake documents S.Hitesh informed to the police and as per the deal. When accused and victim met the accused JMS Prava has been apprehended red handed when she was trying to collect the rest amount of Rs 3.5 lakhs. Accused has been arrested and forwarded to the court. It is suspected that JMS Prava might have cheated more person. So that investigation is under progress. Any person being cheated are here by informed to large FIR in the nearest P.S.

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