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Three tasks, bigger but challenging for Rabi Nanda and Tara Bahinipati

Bureau Chief (Prasant Bishoyi) NF Times : People belonging to Jeypore in Koraput District of odisha feel happy to receive a facility duly fulfilled by a political leader and reversely, get dissatisfied if their demands are not taken care of. This is a universal perception widely acknowledged to be an unavoidable truth. From the east to the west, everywhere, there are huge expectations of the general public from their chosen leaders. The general people select, then elect and obviously finally, put their demands before their elected leaders with an expectation to be fulfilled.
People of Jeypore constituency elected Rabi Narayana Nanda for three times. During his tenure, some developmental works were carried out following which his name and fame started spreading across the state. A leader from this tribal dominated koraput district stretching his recognisable acceptance across odisha was not an easy task. His tireless efforts for the development of Jeypore constituency was reported to have drawn attention of the BJD supremo Naveen Patnaik. As a result, he was inducted in the ministry but some allegations against him yielded for him a setback. The assembly election of 2014 ran against him resulting his debacle from the a matured hand of Congress. Still, as a seasoned and experienced leader, he didn’t get disconnected from the people particularly in rural areas. Rather attended the social and political programs as an invited guest. But the loss of 2019 assembly election with a narrow margin from his arch rival, the congress stalwart Taraprasad Bahinipati was not easily digested.This loss destabilized his mission for Jeypore. He became silent. No public meeting was found noticable by him nor any indication of future plans for Jeypore were revealed. After almost a gap of three years, Mr.Nanda was seen in a public platform at jaynagar park just two days back where as an excellent orator, dominated the stage and gave signal to board the journey of development positively for the welfare of Jeypore. The 26th foundation day of BJD at stadium ground was reported to have seen him as a leader who vomited against Tara Bahinipati from the stage. Following the principle of “United we stand, divided we fall” he appealed every worker and party cadres present on the occasion to fight for the welfare and development of Jeypore. His preaching was marvelous.
Now, it is a fact that the general people from post to pillar is very sensitive about the leadership of Rabi Narayana Nanda , sarcastically asking , no improvement nor any development of the lifeline of Jeypore “Jagarnath Sagar” took place during his tenure. People are now actively associated with the demand for the noticable development of Jagarnath Sagar. The discontenment reigning supreme among the general Voters against the leaders for not doing anything for Sagar improvement is palpable. People would accept Rabi Narayana Nanda wholeheartedly if he takes the lead further to improve the Jagarnath Sagar and by his manuvearing, making it a tourist hub. Rosy , excellent, vibrant and colourful Speech are not easily trusted by the general public as these speeches being granted once upon a time. Thus, Mr Nanda has to fight for jagarnath Sagar improvement so as to be accepted again massively.
Taraprasad Bahinipati won the election twice in 2014 and 2019 for Jeypore constituency. As a leader of opposition congress , Mr Bahinipati is liked and appreciated for his behaviour, both social and political. Even if Bahinipati is invited to a birthday party of a small household, he won’t hesitate to participate and he would dance there for amusing everyone. Many categorically state that people get Bahinipati elected to get Rabi Nanda defeated. There are huge chunk of general people claim that Bahinipati is a good man who listens to their problems. Some developmental activities took place under his stewardship especially of municipality is a fact but the fate of Jeypore Paper Mill could not find any healthy improvement. We know that Bilt Paper Mill was the economic life line of many employees. There are huge number of employees dependent upon this industry who are currently found financially broken and the domestic requirements of their respective houses are thrown out to Arabian Sea. Everyone demands for the full-fledged healing of the disease of this sick paper mill. People thought that Mr.Bahinipati would render a dynamic start of the mill. So elected him also. While going to Participate in Bharatjoda Yatra , a clarion call of Rahul Gandhi, Bahinipati met the chairman of Thappar Group. He also raised the issue in the odisha legislative assembly but no gain so far. The voters of Jeypore are growing clever day by day. Only submission of memorandum for Kendriya Vidyalaya to Dharmendra Pradhan and not following the issue of mass demands won’t make the people merely happy. People expected Mr Bahinipati to take the lead of mass movement for Paper Mill full-fledged operation with productivity along with opening of Kendriya Vidyalaya but neither these two have received a smiling acceptance for cheering people. Undoubtedly, abundance of road, Street and parks development and construction have taken place during the tenure of Bahinipati. But, and again but, the general public especially the voters would like to watch who really does something for the noticable development of Jeypore Jagarnath Sagar, who truly helps to reopen the productivity of paper mill ; and who launches a crusade against the negligence of Jeypore kendriya vidyalaya. People are fed up with the excellent speechs of both the leaders. Let’s hope both take the real, authentic and genuine lead of Jagarnath Sagar, Paper Mill and Kendriya Vidyalaya in order to register the faith and devotion of the people of Jeypore. Otherwise, a NEW FACE would play the match of politics here at Jeypore.

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