Wednesday, July 24, 2024

NSS Volunteers displayed humanitarian assistance to Dilip Panigrahi : “A gesture of service to man is service to God”

Bureau Head( PKB ): The NSS volunteers of Muniguda Degree College in Rayagada district of odisha exhibited generous gesture of extending timely hospitality to Mr. Dilip Panigrahi, who got both of his hands and legs lost in a tragic accident. According to the information received from Mr. Bishnupada Sethi, Principal Secretary, Odisha Govt, Higher Education Dept, Deputy Secretary Mr. Ramesh Chandra Behera, District Programme Officer, Rayagada Mr. Sashibhusan Mahanty, the volunteers of NSS wing of Muniguda Degree College led by Asit Kumar Mahanty, NSS Officer and Principal in charge Mr. Hrusikesh Jalli visited the village of Mr. Panigrahi where he was found to be absolutely in a critical condition. Without further delay, the volunteers Ketaki Palkia, Purnachandra Palkia, Kailash Bagh, Chinmaya Bagh, the Program Officer and the Principal in charge took Mr. Panigrahi first to CHC, Muniguda and then to Vedanta Hospital, Lanjigard. Further, receiving another road accident, Mr. Panigrahi sustained a severe collar bone fracture which won’t be less than two months for obtaining recovery as stated by Dr. Kar attending to MrPanigrahi’s miserable condition.

The magnanimity being shown by the members of Muniguda Degree college including NSS volunteers is highly appreciated in the nook and corner of district who affirmatively believed “Service to man is service to God”. It is also known that the volunteers have been attending at the criticality of Mr Dilip Panigrahi since a couple of weeks and praying Almighty for his quicker recovery.

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