Thursday, March 23, 2023

Unity and Integrity, the culture of SUJ, Meeting of Koraput District Sambadik Sangha

Bureau Head (PKB): There can not be any organization that has driven itself to thrive without the unity and integrity of its members. The culture and discipline present among the members of state union of journalist (SUJ) has gained the rare distinction of the most popular and largest organization of the state. On the occasion of the friendly get-together of the reporters, journalists and editors at Narayanpatna block of koraput district, on Sunday, the members of koraput district Sambadik Sangha highlighted the adherence of discipline and ethics.
The media fraternity of Narayanpatna block organized a friendly get-together of various reporters and journalists of koraput on Sunday in which the president of Koraput district Sambadik sangha, Mr Bidya Choudhary presided. The Secretary of National Union of journalists Mr Ajay Kumar Sahoo, being present on the occasion as Chief Guest expressed his personal satisfaction looking at the integrated culture among the media members of the association. Mr. Sahoo while addressing highlighted saying ” No other organization in spite of any plans can break the spinal cord of our union” When i took the pain of making the formation of SUJ, it was an association with scanty members but now it has grown into a Banyan Tree having very strong branches in all the thirty districts of odisha. There is planned borrowing of our members into other organization but they take our members for a day or two because the members of SUJ is known to have understood the ethical values of our association. Mr. Kirty Chandra Sahoo, the Vice President of SUJ inspired everyone present on the occasion ” Be impartial and not to develop any narrow minded out look” The Chief Speaker on the occasion Ch. Santakar, a noted journalist of the district while addressing to the gathering stated ” An association gives you protection ” Maintaining its ethics will not only make you strong but also embolden you spirit to do some welfare to the society. Journalism should not be taken as a means of livelihood, he warned while stating the truth. The member of Welfare of district Sambadik sangha Mr. Satya Patnaik, a Senior journalist of The Times of India inspired the gathering to stand united all the times. Other prominent members present on the dias were Mr. Tarun kumar Mahapatra, the secretary of Koraput district Sambadik sangha, Mr. Boblu Singh, the working president of the association. Bibhu Prasad Panda, Nabarangpur, Mahendra Darji from Balangir, Dusmanta Panda, Kalahandi, Sadasib Praharaj, president, Nabarangpur Sibaprasad Gouda, the president of Rayagada were the members present on the dias.
The entire program of the meeting was decently coordinated by N. Santosh kumar, K. Saya Raju, Rajkishore Jena, Anil Subudhi, Giridhar Khora and Dilip Dash.A galaxy of social activists from various walks of life including many reporters were felicitated on the occasion.

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