Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Dhanvi Township witnessed thousand of Devotees : A Temple Set up on Ekadasi

Bureau Head(PKB): Thousands of devotees thronged around the Dhanvi Township area of Jeypore municipality in koraput district for offering their devotion during the set-up of a Temple. As per the information circulated by the committee members of Dhanvi Township, the Homo-Jagyan along with other related rituals have been religiously followed for the establishment of the temple. Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Lord Kartika, Duttatraya, Lord Hanuman, Lalita Devi, Kalabhairavi and Nabagraha would be worshipped in a single structure of the temple. The Homo-Jagyan for the temple started on 28th of January and came to an end on 1st feb “Ekadasi”
A large gathering of devotees from the township of Jeypore were witnessed on the auspicious Ekadasi so as to obtain the blessings of the newly constructed temple. The committee members were seen undertaking a great amount of hardship and dedication towards not only the set-up but also in the Prasad distribution.

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