Sunday, May 19, 2024

Free surgical intervention extended by SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant to 8 persons from periphery villages under Project Charaka

Rourkela : Eight patients from peripheral villages have undergone free surgery and medical treatment at Ispat General Hospital of SAIL Rourkela Steel Plant under ‘Project Charaka’, a health care initiative of CSR Department of RSP. The patients were detected of Hydrocele and Lipoma in the Multidisciplinary Health Camp organised at Putrikhaman village in Kuarmunda Block.
The patients namely, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Pati, Mr. Jonas Barla (Nuagaon), Mr. Kalan Singh (Gopabandhupali), Mr. Somra Majhi (Putrikhaman), Mr. Rolen Kongari (Ketanpur), Mr. Anup Kumar Kansari (Luakera), Mr. Kartik Sahoo (Shanti Nagar) and Mr. Pradeep Kumar Senapati (Industrial Township) were admitted at IGH and operated between 5th to 10th January.
The team of Doctors who conducted these surgeries are Dr. Manoj Kumar Pradhan, Additional CMO, Dr. Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo, Senior Consultant and Dr. D J Tiu, Consultant. The other Doctors and Nurses who helped in the process were Dr. B K Nayak (Additional CMO, Dr. Sanjukta Panigrahi, Additional CMO, Dr. Manoranjan Samantray, Deputy CMO, Dr. Smita Kujur, Consultant and Sister Archana, OT In-charge and other nurses and paramedical staff. The entire team was led by Dr. Manoj Panigrahi, Additional CMO and HOD (Surgery).
All the patients recovered well after successful operation and have been discharged from the hospital. It may be noted that RSP bears entire expenses of the patient’s treatment and admission fees along with food expenses both for the patient as well as one attendant.

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