Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Memorandum submitted to 5T Secretary for Jagarnath Sagar

Bureau Head (PKB): The general people of Jeypore in koraput district were anticipating some huge package from the Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik towards the holistic transformation of the second largest pond of odisha, Jagarnath Sagar. The identity of the Jagarnath Sagar has received a devastating shock pertaining to its water contamination including the huge marshes and weeds. The encroachment all around the Sagar is being revolted by the general public of Jeypore for eviction. Neither the local administration nor the district administration has initiated any measures to evict the unauthorised land grabbers. Its level of pollution has gone to the unimaginable height. Hoping some moves from the secretary 5T, some representations were submitted urging him for a speedy recovery of its lost glory through some appreciable steps.
MLA, Jeypore Taraprasad Barinipati while addressing the gathering at the platinum Jublee celebration of VD college ( declared University ), drew the attention of CM, Naveen Patnaik and Secretary 5T for the issue of Jagarnath Sagar.
The CM visit along with 5T secretary brought unprecedented joys to the students community but everyone across Jeypore could have been elevated with joys had there been announcement about Jagarnath Sagar’s Rebirth.
In order to reiterate the demand of the general people of Jeypore, the members of Jagarnath Sagar Trust met 5T Secretary V. K. Pandian at Bariniput IB and politely requested him for taking some measures towards huge transformation of the Sagar. It is learnt that Mr. Pandian has taken cognizance of the Jagarnath Sagar and assured the members for phase wise development.

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