Thursday, March 23, 2023

Fake news viral: Constable exam question paper leaked

Ganjam : The written examination for 4790 post of Constable was held at several centers across the state. In the meanwhile it was reported in the social media that constable recruitment question paper was leaked and it was getting viral. Upon enquiry by OSSC authority it was found that some photos were getting viral in social media claiming that they were images of question papers of constable recruitment. Investigation found that the viral images were not that of the question paper of today’s constable recruitment. It is clear that some mischievous person has circulated some fake questions to create a atmosphere of suspicion among the candidates. It is hereby informed to all candidates to not to believe in such false news and get panicked. Entire process of constable recruitment from receiving question paper in sealed boxes, distribution to exam centres by armed police persons, opening of boxes, distribution of question packets, opening of sealed question packets in front of candidates in each room are all done under CCTV coverage.
The entire process from storage of question papers in police armoury till collecting and storing OMR answer sheets are under CCTV coverage and the videos are stored for future reference. Criminal case is being registered against the person who has mischievously made fake questions viral. Police will find all the persons and criminal action would be taken against all of them.

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