Saturday, June 3, 2023

A Mega Musical Concert at Jeypore on Odia New Year 2023

The First Ever In Its History Created by Himansu Mahapatra

Jeypore (Prasanta Bishoyi ,NF Times, AGM) : On the auspicious occasion of odia New Year, a mega musical concert organized by social activist, renowned business man and philanthropist par excellence Himansu Mahapatra with the invitation of artists, singers and musicians from the state capital of Bhubaneswar and cuttack. Thousands of music lovers including audience from all age groups belonging to Jeypore became imprisoned within the cell of old fire station ground for about six hours.The presence of noted odia cine music director Premananda who hails from cuttack’, and in due course, cultivated music from odia film industry not only climbed in the musical field upto Bollywood industry attended the event as Chief Guest along with the founder chairman of St Xavier group of institutions Dr.Srinivas Patnaik.
Mr. Premananda’s first ever visit to this historical soil of Jeypore with his troops and his inaugural chanting of Lord Jagarnath mantra on the sophisticated and well equipped stage during evening hours moved the audience deeply as well as spiritually. In addition to a cine singer and professional academician, Mr. Patnaik who is also associated holding the premiere post of Indian Athletics Association belongs to koraput district got tremendous attachment to this pious land of Jeypore having been received upbringing from this salubrious climate during his academic learning graced the occasion as a special guest. Although Mr. Patnaik has elevated himself to becoming a personality of national and international reputation has not only still preserved his love and emotions to this remote land of Odisha but declared a huge donation for the proposed eraction of a Hanuman Statue. That announcement brought honest appreciation and cheers from a vast galaxy of audience present on the occasion.The Spiritual Master and first servant of Gobardhan pitha of Puri Sankaracharya Sri Matruprasad Mishra granced the occasion as the most dignified Guest on Saturday’s musical concert. His heart touching golden words of advice to the gathering would be documented in glowing terms as claimed by many. These three Guests generated so much discipline, grace and aroma to the entire ambience of the audience gallery that the effect lasted till the end of the music, dance and mimicry program without witnessing a spark of disturbances.
Then, the playback singer Satyajit Pradhan devotional song ” Sia Mo Jagarnath ” mesmerized the entire gathering with austere devotion and invited the audience to make holy submission of themselves to the sacred feet of Lord Jagarnath. Then, the actors of Ollywood Subasis and Bhumika along with Cine singers Satyajit, Sangita and Lopamudra rolled on the musical concert in a disciplined way one after another song duly followed by dance. The memorable songs of legendary Singer Akhaya Mahanty were being sung with right rhythm and spirit as a token of tribute to the departed soul. The moment Sambalpuri songs focused on the agenda not only temptation but also the ground temperature rosed high with everyone’s feet beating the ground.

The popular comedians Pragyan and Sankar filled the horizon of “Ghodasala ” with their creative mimicry that bound the audience till the end. It was witnessed that many close friends of Himansu Mahapatra like Pradip Sahu, renowned musician and founder of “Swora Ghungura” Dhiren Patnaik, AIR musical director Bijaya Samantray and a battery of his well wishers coordinated for the sucess of the program. A number of prominent people got felicitated on this occasion.Everyone were replet with joy and rapture with the anchors. In this way, the musical extravagance of Jeypore came to an end with birth of more hopes, aspirations and anticipation for Next Odia New Year 2024 by the grace and blessings of Lord Jagarnath.

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