Sunday, May 19, 2024

Koraput RTO refuses the alleged bribery charges

Jeypore Prasanta Bishoyi AGM.(NFTimes) : The bribery charge being levied against the RTO office Koraput has got no base as categorically stated by the transport Officer Manash Mishra. One photo of RTO office in which a person being detected of making monetary transaction was sent in the Twitter account and also got viral in the social media. On our inquiry into the alleged monetary transaction within the RTO office, the concerned officer Mr. Mishra told our correspondent that the photo being made viral in the social media with some financial transaction was of the money that was paid to the bus owners for fuel expenses during the engagement of the bus services to the program of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to Jeypore. The RTO further told that earlier there were a great deal of illegal transaction taking place by the brokers keeping nexus with some staff members inside the premises of RTO offices when there was prevalence of cash transaction. But the cashless transaction and the implementation of 5T scheme had deprived the dalals and stripped the wings of many brokers from this illegal source of generating income.Further, the implementation of new scheme of the govt through online across all RTO offices, the broker-raj has been collapsed as the RTO koraput stated. After my joining three months back at koraput, there has been very strict observation and monitoring. While informing to our correspondent, Mr. Mishra was confident of taking stringent action if anyone found doing against the prescribed norms of RTO and indulging in any unfair trades.

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