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The Substandard works of 5T school apprised to DM,Koraput in the grievance hearing : The thirty Splits of works without tender floating smell corruption

Prasanta Ku Bishoyi (AGM, NF Times ) : In the grievance hearing on 24th april at SDM office Jeypore, the DM koraput Abdal Akhatar was submitted a lot of problems related to Jeypore. The most prominent of the problems and complaints drawn to the attention of DM was the corruption charges and the substandard 5T renovation works at Govt. Girls and Boys Schools. The social activist Mr. Rabindra Mahapatra categorically stated about the substandard works of the 5T schools of Jeypore. While presenting his complaints to the collector koraput, Mr. Mahapatra told that the mean standard construction and renovation works were visible. The teachers used to complain about the low standard works openly earlier but when they were warned by some members of Jeypore Municipality, they are silent now. This was communicated by Mr Mahapatra to our correspondent.
Further, Mr Mahapatra apprecised the DM koraput about the illegal split of works. As there is compulsion for tender floating for any municipality development works worth more than three lakhs, so all the splits of thirty works cunningly kept less than three lakhs for doing works without tender. The renovation works without tender floating speaks about the irregularities on the part of administration. Why were such splits of works necessary?Was it deliberately undertaken to suit whom? These charges being told by Mr. Mahapatra while sharing his comments to us. He also asked the DM koraput in the meeting of grievance hearing ” When there is substandard works being noticed, the concerned Contractor is usually blacklisted but when all the 5T works of the girls and boys schools of Jeypore took place by the direction of a municipality Junior Engineer, Why no action, Mr Mahapatra asked the DM in the hearing.
The DM has assured for strict action against the officer concerned only after a detailed enquiry into the 5T works at Girls and Boys schools of Jeypore.

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