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Sheetilagna outperformed all the students of Koraput KV with 96.8 % : To serve the society being a doctor is the pious intension of Sheetilagna

Prasanta Ku Bishoyi (AGM, NF Times) : The CBSE on may 12 declared the class 10th results with 93.12 % of students clearing the examination. Last year it was 94.40 % that has decreased by 1.28 percentage. Although it was a decrease of percentage of results across the country yet the performances of students in koraput district of odisha is a matter of pride and worth of huge appreciation.
The results of Kendriya Vidyalaya koraput for the academic session 22-23 is praiseworthy as stated by the Principal of KV, koraput Mr.Arabind Biswal. Soon after learning the outstanding performances of the KV students of koraput, our correspondent paid a visit to koraput and met the topper of the school Miss. Sheetilagna Satpathy.While holding a formal interview with Sheetilagna, We came to know about her achieving of 96.8 percentage of marks. Sheetilagna answered to all our queries which are as follows

NFTimes: Congratulations Sheetilagna for your marvellous achievement of securing 96.8 percentage. How was your preparation?
Sheetilagna : Thanks! My preparation was loaded with single-minded concentration. Toiling for about ten hours as my usual study hours is the root of my performance.
NF Times: Did you know You would be topper of the school : and whom would you like to sanction the credit for your achievement ?
Sheetilagna : I was preparing for my exams not and perhaps never with the objective of being the topper either of the school or of the district but doing my task in time that was arousing my confidence at everytime while sitting on my study table.
My achieved percentage can be attributed to the excellent teaching of my beloved school, the motivation of my Principal Sir, along with the blessings and unquestionably support of my parents.
NF Times : Do you think for academic learning and achievement, the ambience or surrounding plays a significant role?
Sheetilagna : There is no iota of doubt about the importance of surrounding. Sir, i got very good atmosphere of academic studies at home owing to my father Mr. Rabi Satpathy and Mother Mrs Bathseba as both serve the society as Lecturers. So fortunate to witness such healthy academic ambience at home.
NFTimes : What is your next mission and what would you like to be?
Sheetilagna : Well ! I shall continue at KV koraput for my intermediate.
Since childhood, I have seen my parents completely dedicated towards the welfare of the society through their academic services to the students. Similarly, i shall put forth my honest services to my motherland being a Doctor.
NFTimes : For road safety awareness drive, you were awarded by the district collector recently, last year your speech inside the Parliament was exceptionally brilliant for which the fame of the district heightened, Do you think you are a jem to the district?
Sheetilagna : To be frank and candidly speaking, I do a particular work or activity not for winning prizes or awards but undertaking the works for sprinkling larger amount of benefits to my beloved society. All the recognition came to me is a tiny glass of water from the vast ocean. I am determined to go miles of distance by the blessings of elders.
NFTimes : Thanks sheetilagna for sharing your views to us in an outspoken manner. We pray for your more nobler and pious achievement in future.
Sheetilagna : Thanks!

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