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Broad-tailed Grassbird is endemic to Western Ghats of India – N.F Times

The Broad-tailed Grassbird (Schoenicola platyurus) is a species of Old World warbler from the Locustellidae family (Bush warblers). According to Birdlife International, it has been classified as Vulnerable and is found only in India, specifically in the Western Ghats. This bird is known to be a resident species with possible local movement within its habitat. Its preferred habitat consists of grassy highlands, primarily in the Western Ghats region.

The Broad-Tailed Grassbird, scientifically known as Schoenicola platyurus, is an Indian bird that can be found in the Western Ghats Mountain Range in India. This species is also endemic to Sri Lanka. It inhabits high hills and areas with high altitudes. The Broad-Tailed Grassbird is primarily found in elevated grassy areas, where it typically remains hidden except during the breeding season when male birds take flight to perform their distinctive song. While this species is mostly considered resident, there is a potential for local movements to occur.

The Vulnerable classification is justified for this species due to its limited range, declining population, and negative impact of grassland clearing on its habitat and overall survival. This species is found in high-altitude grassy hills, usually hidden. During the breeding season, males fly and sing to attract mates. They may move locally. When not breeding, they quickly move between grass and reeds, sometimes perching in open areas. They mainly eat insects.

Contributing these ecstatic images, a professional Wildlife Storyteller K. Shiva Kumar says, “Being a wildlife storyteller means being connected to nature, always looking for moments that capture the beauty and diversity of Earth’s inhabitants. I’m honoured to share an encounter with a rare bird that left a lasting impression. As a wildlife storyteller, it’s a privilege to witness and document the existence of rare birds. These experiences remind me of the fragility and resilience of life and our responsibility to protect nature’s treasures.

This rare bird was documented at sanctified land Sinhagad, Maharashtra, India, and special thanks to Sandip Nagare, and Datta Kundre the wise birding guides of Bhigwan, Maharashtra, India.

“Last but not least special thanks to the Pragativadi Odisha Media team covering a rare species, and it was the way to let people know about the rare species still existing in our incredible India,” added. K Shiva.

K. Shiva Kumar. Wildlife Storyteller

These rare photographs have been clicked and contributed by K. Shiva Kumar, a professional Wildlife Storyteller (M.A in Journalism & Mass Communication, an alumnus of Central University Of Odisha, Koraput) from Hyderabad, Telangana.

K. Shiva, is passionate about wildlife conservation. Through his work, he hopes to inspire greater appreciation for the wildlife that shares our planet and encourages conservation action. 

Story Compiled By Yajati Keshari Rout

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