Thursday, September 21, 2023

BTS’ RM aka Kim Namjoon finally reveals his buffed up body in gym video – N.F Times

Seoul: BTS members have been surprising their global fanbase ARMY by releasing candid and unexpected content on social media. Leader Kim Namjoon, stage name RM, is one of the most active of the seven on both his Weverse and Instagram handles. 

If you avidly follow RM, you will be no stranger to him posting monochromatic photos of his gym whiteboard, featuring phrases like ‘Pull Ups – 20, Bench Press – 20.’

On Sunday, in a shocking but sexy move, the usually reserved leader posted a shirtless workout video on Weverse!

In the video, Namjoon faced his back towards the camera and can be seen doing pull-ups with intensity, vigour and passion. His back muscles flexed with every movement – he definitely knows what he’s doing to us! RM might be quite the gentle giant but looks are deceptive – and this video of a very buff and ripped Namjoon proves that. The leader seems to be getting in shape leading up to his birthday on September 12.

While youngest BTS member Jungkook is known to be the ‘muscle bunny’ because of his obsession with fitness, Kim Namjoon started working out dedicatedly some years ago. This is the first time the rapper has given a glimpse of all the hard work he has been putting in and fans have understandably lost their mind.

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