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World Egg Day 2023: History & Significance  – N.F Times

Bhubaneswar: World Egg Day is an annual celebration that highlights the nutritional value and versatility of eggs. It takes place on the second Friday of October each year, emphasizing the importance of eggs in our diets and their role in nourishing people worldwide. This year, World Egg Day 2023 will fall on October 13. 


World Egg Day has its roots in 1996 when the International Egg Commission (IEC), a worldwide organization representing the egg industry, decided to emphasize the nutritional value and significance of eggs in our diets. They created World Egg Day as a means to celebrate eggs for being a great source of high-quality protein, a versatile cooking ingredient, and a symbol of nutrition and health.

Over the years, World Egg Day has gained popularity and now stands as an annual reminder of how eggs contribute to our health and the goodness they bring to our meals.


World Egg Day is a significant occasion that plays a vital role in raising awareness about the health benefits of eggs. This annual celebration serves several meaningful purposes:

Promoting Nutrition

World Egg Day highlights the fact that eggs are packed with essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. By doing so, it encourages people to include eggs in their diets for better nutrition.

Global Awareness

This day goes beyond borders, drawing attention to eggs as a common food source worldwide. It fosters a sense of unity and shared appreciation for this dietary staple across the globe.

Health and Wellness

World Egg Day underscores the importance of eggs in supporting overall health, including benefits for brain function, eye health, and immune support. It motivates individuals to make informed choices for their well-being.


Eggs are celebrated for their adaptability in cooking. They can be used in a wide variety of dishes, from classic breakfasts to gourmet cuisine, making them a valuable ingredient in kitchens all over the world.

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