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Leo OTT release: Here’s why Thalapty Vijay’s blockbuster hasn’t arrived on digital platform yet – N.F Times

New Delhi: As 16th November finally arrived, Vijay Thalapathy’s fans got excited and started searching for their favorite actor’s latest blockbuster Leo on its digital partner Netflix. However, to their disappointment, the movie was nowhere to be found on the OTT platform, and even as of writing this (17 November), Leo still hasn’t yet been released there.

What disheartened the fans even more is that ever since Leo’s first day on the big screens, reports about its OTT premiere date being the 16th of November started circling all over the internet. Numerous publications claimed that 4 weeks after its release on the big screens, on November 16th, the film will make its way to its official digital partner Netflix.

Besides these publications, another reason that made Vijay’s fans believe that Leo was released on Netflix on 16th November was the release of an animation movie with the same name (Leo) on the digital platform. This confused many fans who mistook the announcement of the animated movie Leo for Vijay’s latest actioner.

Leo OTT Release

When the film kick-started its theatrically run on 19th October, it was expected that it would see its arrival on Netflix after it had spent 28 days exclusively on the bigger screens. However, the filmmakers made no official announcement regarding the same, and rumors encircling Leo’s release on 16 November grew morning and more with each passing day.

It is now believed that Leo’s remarkable success at the Box Office is the major reason behind the film’s unavailability on the OTT even after 4 weeks of its theatrical release as the same will impact its performance on the ticket windows adversely.

Leo becomes the second-biggest Kollywood hit of all time

Meanwhile, Leo continued to slam the box office and became the highest-grossing Tamil flick of the year by amassing a whopping total of Rs 612 crore. To achieve this feat, Leo dethroned Rajnikanth’s August release Jailer which garnered around Rs 606 crore at the BO by the end of its days in the theaters. It is now officially the second biggest Kollywood movie, which is only next to Akshay Kumar and Rajnikanth’s fantasy-actioner 2.0 in terms of Box Office collection.

However, with the movie still doing wonders by pulling crowds to the theaters almost a month after its release, it will be interesting to see if it manages to overcome 2.0 to become the biggest Kollywood film of all time or not.

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