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Dhanu Jatra in Sambalpuri language not possible: Kansa actor – N.F Times

Bargarh: Conducting the Dhanu Jatra in Sambalpuri language is not possible, said Hrusikesh Bhoi, who plays the character of King Kansa in the event. Kosala Sena outfit had earlier demanded to conduct the Dhanu Jatra in Sambalpuri language.

A decision in this regard was taken today at a meeting of the Dhanu Jatra committee in the presence of the District Collector, actors and members.

“Some of the words used during the play of Dhanu Jatra don’t have suitable substitute in Sambalpuri language. It is not possible to conduct the entire play in Sambalpuri. However, we will try to use the language wherever it is possible,” said Bhoi.

“Some sections of people had demanded for Dhanu Jatra in Sambalpuri language. We took suggestions in this regard from the artists, directors and committee members. They said it is not possible to do so,” said Collector Monisha Banerjee.

The world famous Dhanu Jatra in Bargarh will kick off on January 15.

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